Ce am invatat dupa ce am urcat pe Kilimanjaro by Andreea Hamza

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V-o prezint pe prietena mea Andreea Hamza. :) Tocmai s-a intors din Tanzania unde a urcat pe Kilimanjaro. Dupa ce s-a pregatit fizic si psihic 3 luni, a plecat in citez “calatoria vietii”. In aceasta perioada i-am admirat determinarea si eforturile pe care le-a facut la care m-am alaturat sporadic: Andreea: “Vii sa alergam in parc?”, Georgiana: “Vin!”. :)


Iata ca a venit si momentul plecarii. Grupul compus din Andreea, 3 barbati din America, David, Stuart si Adam si echipa de urcare formata din 18 oameni au pornit in calatoria asteptata cu emotie. Ghidul calatoriei a trimis zilnic poze cu status-ul urcarii. In primele 2 zile zambete, maneci scurte, vegetatie, muntele parea foarte departe. Dupa a 3-a zi au aparul gecile, frigul si masa care parea evenimentul central al zilei. In ziua urcarii spre varf vegetatia lipsea, zambetele erau rare si frigul parca se simtea prin poze. Se anunta evenimentul central si anume urcarea spre varf in conditii de oboseala acumulata, frig, aer rarefiat.


De la poze la realitatea, Andreea mi-a povestit cum urcarea de 200 m altitudine, adica 2 km la pas au facut-o in 2 ore. Efortul resimtit nu a putut sa mi-l descrie in cuvinte. Mi-a spus ca se respira greu si ca fiecare pas pe care il facea il simtea ca fiind un efort supraomenesc. Ajunsa in varf John, ghidul excursiei, i-a spus cand ii facea poze: “Try to smile!”. :) A stat in varf 15 minute timp in care a admirat privelistea, a trait emotii greu de descris si a plans de bucurie. Frumos!


Dupa ce au coborat au facut un dus, foarte important fiindca pe munte nu au gasit vreo cascada sau apa curgatoare. :) Apoi au urmat 5 zile de Safari, timp in care au admirat animalute si si-au mai revenit fizic dupa efort (se spune ca mai atipeau din cand in cand in masina).


Aceste cuvinte mi le-a trimis Andreea dupa urcarea pe varf, o sa le las in engleza pentru a le pastra farmecul.


What I‘ve learned after climbing Kilimanjaro :)
1. Your mind controls your body, it is the strongest thing you have and the only one you really need strong in order to make it.
2. Water is life.
3. Humor can save you. A good joke/ laugh makes like 10 jacuzzi baths when you’re freezing.
4. Patience is a highway. Pole, pole (“slowly, slowly” in Swahili).
5. Enthusiasm will take you far away faster.
6. Limits are invented by us. Have no barriers in your mind and you will succeed in anything.
7. Food is a gift from God and should never be wasted.
8. Self-discipline can be learned immediately when you need to survive.
9. Respect the nature, it’s the most beautiful thing we have.
10. Walking through the clouds and above them gave butterflies to my stomach forever.
11. Happy tears are liberating. I’m a free person. Free mind, free spirit, free of any worries. Hakuna matata :)
12. Don’t let anybody decide if your dreams can come true or not. They can become real if you believe strong enough in them.
13. The world is a cycle. Do good and good will come back to you.
14. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. It’s about meeting people, listening to their stories, making friends, be alone with your thoughts, laugh, cry, enjoy, suffer, care, miss, love, live.
15. Be modest. Whatever you need to prove will come out by itself. And when it will, it will be 100 times more powerful.
16. Obstacles are there only to make your achievements greater.
17. A thing is impossible until someone brave enough does it. Then it turns into possible. Be an inspiration to people, be the one who makes the impossible possible.


Stand in meditatie, gandurile imi zburau si abandonul se lasa asteptat. M-am gandit la Andreea si la limitele pe care le-a depasit si mi-am spus “Pot!” si am putut sa imi linisteasc mintea! :) Este un exemplu ce pare mic dar care valoreaza mult pentru mine fiindca prin ea am trait si am inteles o alta latura a vietii, pentru aceasta ii multumesc!


Ma bucur pentru Andreea! Simt ca a adus cu ea un suflu proaspat de aer curat, o inima mai mare (iar inima ei este mare :) ) si linistea culeasa de pe munte. :)



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